March 8, 2018 8:26pm CST
Is cheating a choice? It is not a test, so why other people cheat? why need in relationship and in the end they will cheat? Sometimes it need a valid reason why other people choose to cheat.
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@jcvee2009 (152)
• Philippines
11 Mar
Cheating is a choice.. Others say they made a mistake and cheated. In the very beginning they already know that its a wrong thing but continued doing it so they made a choice. It was their decision to do it. Saying that they made a mistake by cheating , that was just a big ALLIBI so they can justify what they did.
@Bhebelen14 (5206)
• Philippines
9 Mar
Some people likes to experiment and wants to experience things without thinking the possible consequences.
@mlgen1037 (29606)
• Manila, Philippines
9 Mar
It can be because they want to prove something to themselves and to others. It can be because they ate tired of their current relationship. It can be because they are not satisfied. It can be a thousand reasons.
• India
9 Mar
Cheating is not an option, be true to yourself and others. Cheating will only give pain.
@mohit459 (12020)
• Haldwani, India
9 Mar
Moreover personal reasons
@sw8sincere (5300)
• Philippines
9 Mar
People are easily be tempted that's why cheating is always possible.