Good Night, myLotters ! 3-8-18

Artist Trading Card that I received today
@xstitcher (12946)
Petaluma, California
March 9, 2018 12:12am CST
Time for me to head to bed. Tomorrow will just be a regular day--going to work at the regular time, and no doctor or other appointments. Plus, tomorrow is the day before Friday, which is always a good thing. I hope to get more done than today--especially in the posting-on-myLot part. Right now I need to get to bed around the dog.. Have a great night/morning/etc. in your part of my Lot land !
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• Defuniak Springs, Florida
9 Mar
Keep an eye out next week for a letter from me! I will probably get it in the mail Monday or Tuesday. So maybe by the end of the week it will be there :)
@Icydoll (27571)
• India
9 Mar
Good night friend
@mandala100 (53619)
• Hong Kong
9 Mar
@xstitcher I'll see you tommorow my friend.
@Raj7779 (3115)
• Ahmednagar, India
9 Mar
Good nighthave a sweet dreams
@yugocean (8850)
• India
9 Mar
It is just Pre-Noon time here; so good morning/noon and good night.