Getting blocked

@tom_view (3489)
Kolkata, India
March 9, 2018 2:19pm CST
Getting blocked is not a new thing to me.I usually get blocked once in every 3 months, Although I do not know the specific reason it happens.I just want to know if anyone has the same experience too..
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@dya80dya (3585)
• Romania
9 Mar
No. This never happened to me.
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@toniganzon (51632)
• Philippines
10 Mar
I got blocked but not on a regular basis. The last time was two years ago and I don't really care, coz I know that person has some personal issues and can't deal a healthy argument.
@iridion9 (7813)
• Philippines
9 Mar
Where you have been blocked?
@Icydoll (22296)
• India
9 Mar
Never happened to me
@MALUSE (41188)
• Germany
9 Mar
Yes, it has happened to me. I must say, I consider it an honour. I wouldn't like to be friends with the people who do it.
@OneOfMany (12420)
• United States
9 Mar
I was having a civil conversation the other week, and then the person got snappy, called me a know-it-all with a brain deficiency, and blocked me. I immediately wished great misfortune upon them for all time. :P
@nomus24g (23653)
• India
9 Mar
I often get blocked too, and that's because I say the bitter truth upfront :)
@Starmaiden (6590)
• Canada
9 Mar
Nope, never.