My Decisions About my Purpose is Just That

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@Teep11 (7137)
United States
March 13, 2018 2:34pm CST
What I've decided to do regarding where I'm headed shouldn't cause an uproar. It appears as though there are so many continuing refuse to be accepting. They're either not understanding or they're not willing to "understand." If any person expects to make "continuous progress" then they'll have to block out the noisemakers. The distractions are a means to prevent and to cease the journey. Progress is necessary. It's expected, it's continuing because there are needs, and IT will continue to use the methods and strategies in order to achieve the highest of levels. "There shall be progress, developments, and goals met." (Tanikka Paulk) "Vocal About the Injustices and so Much More" By: Tanikka Paulk
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• St. George, Bermuda
22 Mar
In life we have to be our own cheerleaders because we will have haters those who misunderstand us those people who try to distract us from fully living to our full potential. But we can choose to block out the voices of others and speak positive words over ourselves and continue or Journey and become all that we are can be in Life.
@Starmaiden (7643)
• Canada
13 Mar
I know exactly what you mean. I had to step away from my own family for a while to quieten their nagging and do what was best for ME on my journey. :-)