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@RealIolo (1854)
United States
March 18, 2018 2:37pm CST
I've been going around in circles with Google about this for a few months now and I can't get them to agree so I bring this to you to see what you think. This is all about Casey's General Store. If you've ever been in one of these stores you'll see it's a convenience store and gas station. They do have snack food items, beverages and pizza and they even deliver Pizza. However, if you have a look at my screenshot here you will notice that Google insists on labeling them a "Pizza restaurant". Here's where I'm asking for your judgement on this... Would you agree that in order to be called a restaurant an establishment should have table service? To me what this means is that you can sit down at a table and be served by a waitress or waiter. Now, I've been in this store and I can tell you there are no tables and no chairs, so no place to sit. I've suggested to Google on more than one occasion that they remove the label pizza restaurant but they refuse. So, what do you think? Is this place a restaurant? Maybe if enough people share this and it gets around enough it might actually get their attention so they will look a little less foolish by changing their label. I'm just trying to be a good local guide. Maybe other locations actually have seating but I doubt if any of them actually have table service. Perhaps it's foolish of me to think anyone would care. If that's the case then I'm sorry I wasted your time.
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@porwest (7324)
• United States
9 May
I'm in Casey's often, and in fact there is one right down the street from my house. It is DEFINITELY not a restaurant by any stretch of the imagination.
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@Corbin5 (115771)
• United States
18 Mar
I have never been to a Casey's General Store, but without the tables and chairs and no waiter or waitress, classifying it as a "restaurant" is a bit off.
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