My day, my year goals, my dreams!

March 20, 2018 7:59am CST
This year 2018 I set my goals for the year to learn three languages on my own, including English. With the help of my husband I was introduced to mylot to practice writing and reading, so today I decided to write my first post here and share it with you. Until December I hope to have achieved my dream, the other two languages that I put in my goal are Spanish and French. You must ask yourself “but why do you want to learn these three languages?”, and it’s because I want through them become a poliglote person with mastery in at least 6 languages, where I can expand my intellectual (for me, learning several languages I will have greater ability to learn other things too and I will have more access to information, which for me is something very important), I can travel around the world, talk and understand the majority, make new friends, study and get to know the cultures that we have on this incredible planet, and most importantly I will be able to enjoy the best of life, since it has been given to us to be lived and as such I want to live and to maximize what God has given us as a gift and we often forget. And I can do all this by having the most importante person at my side, my husband who I love very much, he is very intelligent, he already knows how to speak the three languages that I want to learn, I hope to reach his level soon too (for me he is a genius but he does not think so) he is a great inspiration to me today. Well that's it, if someone who is already accustomed to studying languages alone can leave some tips, it will be helping me a lot and I will be very happy. A good week for everyone.
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@tony1r (305)
• Nairobi, Kenya
20 Mar
May you achieve all your dreams you have set yourself.
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21 Mar
Thanks, Tony Wainaina. Good week.