The United kingdom's last E.U. spring is coming .............................!

Northampton, England
March 26, 2018 5:53am CST
Spring is coming and the days are getting longer and warmer in the United Kingdom.Today is the first day for ages I can feel a warm sun on my face. As the temperature rises in the Northern Hemisphere the more people dream of romance and getting out and about and doing stuff. Six months of long, dark and cold nights is depressing. I guess that’s not the case so much in the Southern hemisphere. The blossom sprouts from new buds on trees and bushes and color arrives in a grey, dark and desolate winter end. The United Kingdom is stunning landscape in the summer and we live for the summer. The temperature has not been above 50f for six months. Its gloom, rain and cold from mid October. But now the sun brings hope and the darkness heads to the southern hemisphere. It’s our time now.
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@Starmaiden (7641)
• Canada
26 Mar
Why is it the " Last EU" spring?
• Northampton, England
26 Mar
UK laving Europe in 2019...European Union
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• Canada
26 Mar
@thedevilinme Im not sure I understand exactly what that means. Will the U.K. still be condidered a European Country, with the understanding that Europe as a whole is a continent? :-)
@augusta123 (6366)
26 Mar
Enjoy every bit of it then
@Courage7 (16728)
• United States
26 Mar
Oh super to hear. You will soon be having your very own spring then
@LadyDuck (177364)
• Switzerland
26 Mar
Today is a beautiful and warm sunny day here too. The flowers are showing their colors, the trees blooming. We already know that the Easter weekend will be horrible.
@yugocean (8839)
• India
26 Mar
Spring is everywhere, in India we have flowers growing in our lawn and flowerpots; however summer is also approaching.
@aureliah (18879)
• Kenya
26 Mar
Enjoy the favorable weather.