Time to say good night.

@marguicha (103654)
March 28, 2018 8:07pm CST
I am going to go to the kitchen to see if I can get a snack. Then I´ll go to bed and read a bit. I am tired and I want to be well tomorrow so that I can do some more gardening. We won´t have this weather for a long time and I have to make use of it as much as possible. Take care, my friends. Sleep well and have a good day those of you who are on the other side of the planet. I just checked on marigolds online nd they will survive my winter A hug
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@TheHorse (73345)
• Walnut Creek, California
29 Mar
Why go to bed? It's only 6 PM! Heh.
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@miketagz (8671)
• Philippines
29 Mar
It is early to go bed. Maybe watch TV first then do some body cleaning and sleep on bed.
@JudyEv (136409)
• Bunbury, Australia
29 Mar
Sleep well. We're heading off in the caravan tomorrow night just for two nights to take photos at a horse endurance event. We won't have internet so I'll catch you in a day or two.
@Icydoll (25777)
• India
29 Mar
Goodnight dear friend..have good sleep
@mohit459 (12017)
• Haldwani, India
29 Mar
Good night!. Sweet dreams!.
@JohnRoberts (64821)
• Los Angeles, California
29 Mar
Good night Miss Marigold.
@silvermist (20114)
• India
29 Mar
I like Marigolds.Have a good night's sleep.
@sallypup (29208)
• Moses Lake, Washington
29 Mar
Well, gardening is an excellent reason to get up.
@TheSojourner (17298)
• United States
29 Mar
I am going to look for some marigold starts tomorrow. :-)