Facebook app controversy

March 28, 2018 10:23pm CST
This is just a reminder that when you use facebook to log in to a website it tells you what the app can and can not do. The question is how many people really read what the app allows and just click yes instead. You can always click out and enter a website with your username and password. I think that facebook is getting a bum deal for the data used by the company since safeguards are already in place.
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@akalinus (14611)
• United States
29 Mar
The trouble is that the terms are as long as your arm, in big blocks of tiny print, and couched in all sorts of legal jargon. Who could understand it even if they read it? I am trying to stay off of FB because they sell your information after saying they won't.
@Icydoll (13153)
• India
29 Mar
I don't use Facebook much..yup there are full of controversy about Facebook now
@tarah9 (544)
29 Mar
yes heared that too, so stoped using it
@Berrygal (2772)
• South Africa
29 Mar
havent noticed this
• Philippines
29 Mar
I read some articles that it's actually the Facebook messenger application that breach our privacy, or not really.You are right when you install the applications you have to read the agreement because some applications like the messenger are asking permissions extensively to access data in your phone without additional permission.As the article says it can even record your calls and sounds in your surroundings at random times.It can spy on us anytime of the day, even we are not using it.
@sharon6345 (118680)
• United States
29 Mar
I am sorry I had to even sign on today to get paid. But I am not sure what your asking here. I know the site is on the news but for what I am not sure. I have not seen it having no tv. But I used the password online.