Infographic on public safety + security guards

Vancouver, British Columbia
March 29, 2018 12:28am CST
Hello, Security guards are often criticized because they're considered incapable, selfish and disrespectful. I respect these dudes and admire the work they do - monitoring the threats to public safety and keeping those at bay. They'd even take a bullet for us. I'd like to share an infographic dedicated to all security guards and it clearly highlights their importance in preserving public safety. So, here's the link to the full image: "" Good day!]Safety
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@Hannihar (42240)
30 Mar
@nancyVinci I say thank you to our security guards we have here. I feel they are very brave. They stand outside or inside or stores and buildings and are there to make sure we stay safe going in and out of buildings or stores.
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@dgobucks226 (13823)
26 Jul
Any profession committed to stopping crime and keeping people safe serves an important role in society.