March 31, 2018 8:03am CST
In my mind life is like a battelfield in the earth. In life peple face many problems in every step But a man or women who face all problem in there life emerge as a real hero of life .
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• New Delhi, India
1 Apr
I truly agree.
@rheicel (7296)
• Philippines
1 Apr
Welcome to myot. Read guidelines first. Life is a survival you must know how to live just to survive.
@MALUSE (44697)
• Uzbekistan
31 Mar
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@mohit459 (12017)
• Haldwani, India
31 Mar
Yep right!... Hi and welcome to Mylot!..
@Icydoll (26131)
• India
31 Mar
Very well said
@Tierkreisze (1358)
• Philippines
31 Mar
Be careful, though. You could be shot down even before you do anything good with your life. So take care of yourself
@mlgen1037 (29623)
• Manila, Philippines
31 Mar
And nothing beats perseverance
• Philippines
31 Mar
Life is a battlefield. As soldiers of life, we are here to fight for our rights and beliefs. Every battle doesn't guarantee us to be winners all the time, but what really matters the most is that we get up and fight again.
@Jessabuma (33167)
• Baguio, Philippines
31 Mar
That's very well said my friend