One of my track #1

Amiens, France
April 2, 2018 11:06am CST
Hello everybody, I am going to put from time to time a piece which I composed. If it tempts you, give your opinion onto the piece. I am very conscious that my music cannot please to all, I shall just ask you not to be offensive, but not rather constructive. Thank you very much for your comments. The first track is : "Aube"
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@augusta123 (6381)
4 Apr
Will check this out
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• Amiens, France
5 Apr
How was born "Aube"("Dawn"), first title of the album " F.I.R.S.T "? Everything left the discovery of an electric piano which was lying about in the corner of a music classroom in the second basement of the place where I worked. The problem with keyboards, it is because as soon as I see one, I feel as attracted!!! I connected it, and miracle!! it worked! I tried all the sounds which this piano proposed, and by falling on the sounds of set ropes, my fingers began playing the arpeggios which we hear at the beginning of the piece (which found themselves moreover on almost all the piece). I continued to work this piece afterward, then I proposed it to colleagues with whom we had to make a mini electroacoustic concert. "Aube" was adopted. The definitive version was afterward worked again and gave the one that you can listen to above.
@Mishra122 (160)
• Allahabad, India
2 Apr
You know while doing anything you should keep one thing in mind that by doing it you should be happy and satisfied what It's will mean if u r not happy and well served and i know that keeping other people in mind is our responsibility but you know that you are not that kind of person who is going to happy from those things which will make another person hurt so keep going and be confident
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