Do You Think Mike Ness Stands A Chance

Redlands, California
April 6, 2018 5:23am CST
Jim Morrison, and all. Was really funny seeing him in his early days. Trying to teach but they were not listening. Definitely think it added fuel to his fire. Now do not look at him wrong or all hell will be to pay. Something cool about that and at same time a bit sad. A bit unapproachable and music is to be inclusive or what some of us think anyway. 20 something musicians went through social d and not one talked smack. Matt Freeman Played with them and you can hear how it effected him on some songs It is quite amazing how respected Mike Ness is from a musicians stand point. I think homey deserves a place in history and changing a culture that he did not know he even did. In a way,, probably the most respectful thing anyone can do for the man. Quietly just respect him because he is not a flashy guy and wants nothing from no one. Really neat to see from a whole picture. 1978 where were you. I was 2.
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@Jessabuma (33167)
• Baguio, Philippines
6 Apr
1978, I was not even born at that time.
@Plethos (11563)
• United States
6 Apr
'78, i was 6