Bring it on Saturday!

@cpefley (1699)
Hemet, California
April 7, 2018 6:12pm CST
Yesterday was a disaster, but I am hopeful for today. I've fed my babies and given the little one a bath. I have a lot of cleaning and organizing to do today, but after that I need to work and play with my kiddos. The big ones are at Six Flags with their dad, so the littles are upset. I can see why, but I'm trying to make the day fun for them anyway. I usually go to the Farmer's Market on Saturday. It is so uplifting, but I couldn't make it today. I refuse to let it ruin my mood. I still have beautiful flowers from last weekend, and I am going to be productive today, and maybe take the kids to the swap meet tomorrow. How is your Saturday treating you?
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@andriaperry (61584)
• Anniston, Alabama
8 Apr
Awesome, I got to stay home.
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@dodo19 (34035)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
7 Apr
I'm glad to hear that you're trying to make the most of your day. We had a pretty good day. Although now, it's pretty much bedtime for everyone. My little guy is sleeping, and my girls are in bed, at least. I will be in bed pretty soon too.
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@Courtlynn (55383)
• United States
8 Apr
that must be exciting for the older kids, but can see how it would upset the littles.. hope they had fun ! Saturday was busy but alright here.
@JudyEv (137659)
• Bunbury, Australia
8 Apr
We're having a good day thanks although it has already kicked over into Sunday for us.
@jstory07 (71409)
• Roseburg, Oregon
8 Apr
I hope you get to go to the swap meet tomorrow.