Good morning, dear lotters.

@marguicha (104130)
April 9, 2018 9:48am CST
My Monday chores changed as the people who would come to work here did not come. That was specially bad since I had soaked a big amount of lentils to cook a hearty lunch for them. Now I will have to freeze most of them to use in another occasion. I called my aunt yesterday (the one that invites me during the summer) and I invited her for lunch tomorrow. I am still thinking about what I will cook for her. My day, when I think about it, is a mixture of gardening, cooking and invitations. And mylotting and watching TV, of course. Yesterday, I finished Land Girls. I donĀ“t yet know what To see next. Can you suggest some titles?
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• United States
9 Apr
Happy Monday! You sound like you have an interesting day ahead. I didn't know you can freeze lentils
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@allen0187 (34150)
• Philippines
10 Apr
Good morning. What sort of genre do you like?
@JudyEv (137389)
• Bunbury, Australia
9 Apr
How annoying that your workers didn't turn up. I hope they don't let you down next time.
@Icydoll (26266)
• India
9 Apr
Good morning..have a great day friend.
@FayeHazel (21433)
• United States
9 Apr
Hmmm, well, I like the old series "Twilight Zone" it's about paranormal and is suspenseful, but I don't know if it's to your taste
@sharon6345 (142759)
• United States
9 Apr
I would but you may not like what I like. I would liket o ask what style of movie do you like.comedy,action that is what I mean.