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Redlands, California
April 9, 2018 10:11pm CST
My one friend went to Chicago. He has not been there since a small child and was born there. He does not remember much. He really wanted to watch the Cubs play but was postponed to snow or some crap Crazy weather. He has to go back in June to see Cubs play. Dammit Anyway he is in some bar watching the Bulls play or was and apparently Anthony Rizzo is there in a beret. Its a pretty neat picture , sorry not mine to share. He says people are crazy here and so nice. I go yeah, they not all uppity like Californians can be. My sister goes what about all this gun violence? We were there a handful of years back and saw no gun violence but we knew it was there. I just told her his wife is good on that. She makes sure of certain areas to avoid. It is like when they went to New Orleans and he was like heard really cool music but nothing like Treme. I go that is because those are the poor parts and your wife will never let you go there.
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@sw8sincere (5204)
• Philippines
10 Apr
I do not get the chance to know about that Cubs play. What kind of game is that?
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• Redlands, California
10 Apr
Its baseball, very famous team that went 108 years without winning the world series. Until they won in 2016.
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