New Delhi, India
April 10, 2018 11:29am CST
I get bored if I dont get some notifications on mylot . Do you also feel bored sometimes if I don't get to see some notifications on mylot the moment you visit the website?
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@Icydoll (25927)
• India
10 Apr
To get notifications one must keep on interacting continuously...I don't feel bore..
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• New Delhi, India
10 Apr
Yeah ofcourse but still sometimes we don't get any notifications despite all our efforts which sometimes makes me feel so bored.
@Corbin5 (119301)
• United States
11 Apr
I usually do have notifications, but getting those takes a lot of time on here.
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@iridion9 (10780)
• Philippines
11 Apr
no, mylot is not the only website I visit everyday.
10 Apr
I always try to get notification in mylot. Post comments in other posts,sometimes I start my discussion. I continuously strive for notification here. Without notification no can grow here. It feels good to see them.
@Jessabuma (33167)
• Baguio, Philippines
10 Apr
Sometimes yes, hehehe!!! But I just keep responding / interacting with other members ..