Going to a birthday celebration will be about a two hour commute...

Staten Island, New York
April 13, 2018 12:54pm CST
I am going to my uncle's birthday celebration tonight. It starts at seven. Because my husband works till seven I will have to get there on my own and he will come after. That means to get to the restaurant I will have to walk about a half hour to the train, take the train, then transfer to a bus and two more buses after that, and then walk. It's gonna be about a two hour commute but I am used to it. My mom told me I can come with them but I'd still have to get to their house first, which will probably take around fifty minutes. She wants to take an Uber and my uncle wants her to pick him and his wife up. That means there will be five people squished into the Uber car. I can't do that. It will make me anxious. Plus, with my car anxiety/panic issue when it comes to getting in the car with other drivers, I told her I am not gonna go with them. She said they will drive there instead. I would maybe take her up on that offer if dad drives, but it's best if they Uber. This way my dad doesn't have to worry about looking for parking and he can drink. I don't mind taking all these buses. Done it endless times. Though it will be a high of 78 degrees today, so by the time I get to the train from my house I will probably be soaked with sweat. My parents will think I am nuts going on my own when I can go with them. And maybe I am. If only this car anxiety/panic thing wasn't something I was experiencing these days.
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@Jessabuma (6914)
• Baguio, Philippines
13 Apr
Hello dear! Happy birthday to your uncle and hopefully you will enjoy. Take care
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@allen0187 (31040)
• Philippines
14 Apr
That is a long commute. Hope you enjoy the party.
• Staten Island, New York
14 Apr
The party was nice.
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@august18 (1286)
• Tunisia
13 Apr
Happy birthday to your uncle.
@marlina (69987)
• Canada
13 Apr
You are pretty brave to do all that travelling. I hope that you enjoy the party once you are there.
@Courtlynn (65021)
• United States
13 Apr
Ubers are all different kinds of cars. My brother takes ubers to get to work and alot of times, its big cars and vans that get him. Plus i think you put in how many people are to be picked up, but not sure on that one.. Hope its least nice out to do all that walking.
• New Baltimore, Michigan
13 Apr
Yep, I still hate events. All events. I take my own car just like you, but that's only so I can escape early.
• United States
13 Apr
Sounds like a long commute for the birthday party but it's worth the time if you are too anxious to ride in the car.
@dodo19 (31312)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
13 Apr
Hope you have fun at your uncle's birthday party. Hopefully, you find something to pass the time, while you're on the bus and train.
@JohnRoberts (49110)
• Los Angeles, California
13 Apr
Take a book for the long rides and enjoy the party.
@AKRao24 (10371)
• India
13 Apr
Happy birthday to your Uncle...this old man has become a big fan of yours because of your attitude of being self sufficient! That is the bestr policy of the life and I appreciate that! God bless! Please post how you enjoyed the party! God bless!