online learning for kids

April 16, 2018 6:22am CST
Since studies can be done online now, I'm thinking if it would be appropriate to have kids have online learning,I just believe they might learn better at least no noise and friends to distract them. What's your opinion?
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@sw8sincere (5204)
• Philippines
16 Apr
Online learning can be a good option too to help your kids in the field they choose to study.
@MALUSE (44792)
• Uzbekistan
16 Apr
@augusta123 @franxav @sw8sincere Kids can't learn alone in front of a computer. They need the personal approach and a person who they can ask and who can guide them.
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@franxav (5841)
16 Apr
I believe you need special dedication for online learning when you have no body else to inspire you.
16 Apr
how about for kids
@db20747 (10472)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
17 Apr
Yes, especially if they are having a little hard time in the group!! Group learning is good but sometimes space by themselves may help.
@Berrygal (5527)
16 Apr
Kids should be suprrvised
@morgoodie (2710)
• United States
16 Apr
My kids did online school last year. My son loved it and my daughter hated it. I think it can be good, but it depends on how the child learns and whether they are somewhat an independent learner. My son in an independent learner and he would get all his work done so he could do what he wanted for the rest of the day. My daughter on the other hand needs the structure of the classroom and a teacher who is present at all times. As for myself, I didn't like all the work that I had to do and it was hard to get my daughter to do the work. Many days were ruined by arguments over school work.
@Jessabuma (33167)
• Baguio, Philippines
16 Apr
Yes online study also has advantages but kids need social life as well dear..
@august18 (4024)
• Tunisia
16 Apr
They need someone to guide them otherwise they will create the distraction themselves.