Humility must be learned. We are born selfish and certainly not humble.
Dallas, Texas
April 17, 2018 9:04pm CST
If a person let's his or her ego take over, then the hope for true compassion for others will not be well realized. A person is born selfish, crying for attention. If we out grow this, we become more humble yet at the same time, more brave to admit this to ourselves. We seem to be ruled by the ego. Those in real authority have quite an ego. Do the leaders of nations have what it takes to be humble? I doubt it. That is why religion and politics are so diametrically opposite of each other. One is born out of faith and humility while the other is a product of dominance and the desire to control others and ultimately playing God is just that, pretending to be like a god. We are not gods. We are servants to God. Those who let their egos run their lives, do so selfishly and without proper compassion for the feelings and beliefs of others. Human conflict on a world wide level is based on these diametric opposites in the human condition as reflected in modern civilization as it moves forward towards it's ultimate point of no return. But I am not so humble because I feel the need to convey this message to those who will listen, though it is said by me with a humble heart and desire to be respected and understood. So it's out there. Emotions are what drive people to do what they do, be the emotions compassion and humility or selfishness and a need for attention. So in that view, emotions are quite illogical, as Spock would have probably said. The result of opposing points of view from emotional thinking is at the very core of human conflict today and has been since the first day of man on this planet. Being humble is not a weakness, nor is a show of force and power intrinsically virtuous or a sign of strength of character nor of logic or reason. Vanity is the emotional force behind those who rule. Vanity is not a virtue. Not doing or saying something because of fear is not humility either. There is a wide difference between fear of the unknown and cowardice and failure to think before actions made and being afraid to face the truth and hide behind a lie.
“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” —1 Peter 5:5 A battle rages within every one of us every day. It’s...
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@Starmaiden (7916)
• Canada
18 Apr
A person must first recognise their faults and be willing to change them.
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@rakski (24376)
• Philippines
18 Apr
Humility is really best learn. People at time tends to be selfish
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• Peoria, Arizona
18 Apr
Humility is one of the first things I learned as a kid. Humility is so important and it seems that less and less people understand what it is.
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@Shiva49 (14671)
• Singapore
18 Apr
Is it a coincidence I wrote on the same lines at the same time? Our leaders get led by ego and greed and they are anathema to what humility and compassion are about. We do not recognise how much a hypocrite we really are or purposely close our eyes to what is laid out in various faiths. I am amused some think their gods will step in and take sides when there is only one creator. Gandhi was humility personified and also Mandela and they are dearly remembered. Martin Luther King touched our hearts through his stirring words. We do not need the run of the mill leaders playing to our emotions and dividing us too. We need those who can touch our hearts and fight for peace, not through weapons - siva
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• Dallas, Texas
18 Apr
Thanks for your comments. And I agree with your point of view.
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