Unilluminating burning rays-IV

Raurkela, India
April 25, 2018 11:40am CST
The film script has different characters relating their stories to Ajit, the journalist. Sita and Manvir are farmers wives. Kulwant works as a domestic help but goes out a night once again. Why? . I can’t accuse her as my son has left her in the lurch”. She goes on, “I just don’t want to talk about those seven worthless men whom I gave birth to. They have ruined my family. Of the four children, the two elder ones (14 & 16) go to work and the three of them earn to run the family and send the two younger children to school. I dare not ask her anything as I fear that I may have to bare the same disgrace as Kartar whose daughter-in-law walked away with another man and left her at age of 60 to feed her grand-children. I don’t have the strength or sight at this stage to stitch dupattas like her. Ajit comes to know from the other residents of Maqboolpura that Kulwant works as a drug peddler across Pakistan border. Her in-laws know the truth but keep mum as they know she has been dragged into the crime and has to lose her life if she tried to come out of the gang; her children would be orphaned. She has been used to entice the BSF officials and therefore has a smooth go. Isn't that Bizzare on the part of the BSF officials?
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