I need a nap

Peoria, Arizona
April 27, 2018 5:24pm CST
It might be too late to take a nap but I am at the point of I don't care. I was getting an ab workout because everytime I was waiting for a page to load I would rest my head back on my headboard and sit up once the page loaded it. so I guess that is a plus. I did 102 tasks on mturk today, pretty proud of myself. But boy is it always mentally taxin to do that. But hey 6 hours of work isn't so bad. I think I am finally getting adjusted to the heat here, yesterday I was just dying, but today I am just smoldering. There was a point where I was sweating so much I was actually getting cold because of it. And that is what my body does, at least it is doing what it is supposed to do and keep me cooled off. I am really thinking about taking a nap though because the heat does make me sleepy. I might even take the evening off from drawing and just relax. I don't know, it all just depends on how I feel when I wake up from my nap. Hope you all are doing well! And had a nice nap if you had one!
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@ivanituut (1918)
27 Apr
Hope get a nap so well
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@andriaperry (67471)
• Anniston, Alabama
28 Apr
You need a fan! Sleep, everything will be right there waiting for you.
@Daelii (6492)
• United States
27 Apr
I'm doing great and hope you are feeling better with the weather tomorrow! In a lot of hot climates some places shut down completely so everyone can take afternoon naps to avoid the heat! Its a great idea! I can't complain and am about to head outside to grab laundry from the line. I was so busy today getting caught up i have it hanging inside/ outside/ and anywhere I can stick it to dry! :)