My Niece,Wanted Money, For Her Cell Phone.

@TLilly15 (1597)
Newport News, Virginia
April 28, 2018 10:54pm CST
Since my niece moved away, and moved in with her grand mother, she has not bee in touch with, the family at all she was working, at this recycled job so I was told,and she was driving, her grand mother car, them we didn't hear anything else from her,so when she loses her job, and don't have any more money, she calls my sister, and ask her for money, to pay her cell phone bill, now my question is this,when she uses up all, her minutes this time who do she think is going to pay her cell phone this time, my sister can't keep paying my niece's, cell phone bill because she is too lazy, to keep a job.
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@mlgen1037 (29626)
• Manila, Philippines
29 Apr
Hi Joyce. May I ask if your niece was spoiled when she was younger?
@mandala100 (50705)
• Hong Kong
29 Apr
@TLilly15 That's very sad to hear my friend.