Behavioral Analysis

@gnatsmom (1310)
April 29, 2018 9:29pm CST
Behavioral blends are representative of an individual’s personality type and behavioral format. It is relayed in DISC form which measures active and passive personality types in the areas of people and task orientation. The results are revealed on two different graphs in the areas of how other see you, feelings and thoughts, vision and passion, leadership style, following style, best responds, conflict management, strengths, abuses, warnings, relating style, and conclusions. I love taking personality and behavioral analysis test. I guess I am just a weirdo. Sometimes I feel like the results are off a little, but most of the time they are accurate. I utilize the results in my ministry and personal life. I think I need to take one geared toward the business side and see if it will give me some insight on how to be successful. Has anyone else taken the disc test or something similar?
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