She Confessed Her Lie

@franxav (5827)
May 4, 2018 7:25pm CST
The woman came to our foster care home with two small children, a boy of six and a girl of four. She told us the children were of her sister. She said her sister was dead and her husband has disappeared. The children were on her and she was too poor to look after the children. After initial formalities the children were kept in the foster home. After 10 years, I went to the woman's one room rented dwelling to fill a survey questionnaire for the government. Then she confessed that the children were her own. She said she told a lie because she feared we would not keep the children if we knew she was their mother. Well now, the boy has passed secondary school examinations and lives with his mother. He is helped by our sponsorship program. The girl is still in our care. We are not going to send her out for we know the poor woman's condition. I was glad the woman had confessed her lie and she looked relieved after doing it.
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@JudyEv (136961)
• Bunbury, Australia
6 May
It must be really hard for a mother to give up her children. I'm glad they've done well and that she has confessed to lying about them.
@Sreekala (23749)
• India
5 May
It is difficult to deny our own children's position. I know by telling that lie, she must felt very hard so the confession came.
@just4him (128670)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
5 May
Ten years is a long time to live with that lie. I'm glad she confessed, and you are still taking care of the girl.
@Tina30219 (36595)
• Onaway, Michigan
5 May
Wow at least she do the right thing for the kids she knew she could not take care of them. It could have been worse .
@Starmaiden (7636)
• Canada
5 May
I still think she should have told the truth in the beginning. If she couldn't look after her children then she should have been honest about it.
@GardenGerty (104102)
• United States
5 May
Lies weigh heavy on your conscience. Especially this kind.
@Happy2BeMe (75384)
• Canada
5 May
I am glad she finally told the truth after all those years.
@marguicha (103906)
• Chile
5 May
There are endless terrible and different stories. I still think that there should be more social workers to check on those cases.
@cintol (8306)
• United States
5 May
It took her 10 years to confess the truth, did she never go by to see the children.
@mlgen1037 (29623)
• Manila, Philippines
5 May
Good for her. Telling the truth was a way to unburden oneself from the lies. God bless her.