what is your favorite colour?

November 27, 2006 10:33pm CST
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@unishwetabh (1032)
• India
14 Aug 07
My favorite color is black.......yup...it is......hardly anybody likes this color but i have in my favorite list. Now why if you ask ten i would say that if any other color is there then you can easy see things but in black (dark) you can hardly see anything....you have to make an effort to get yourself adjusted into such atmosphere. And life is all about trying and accepting the challenges.
• China
25 Apr 07
@cr1st1nel (3567)
• Romania
27 Feb 07
I love the colors, i dontt understand at all how a world would be without it's colors. Every color has it's own meaning for every person. My personal liked color is the green. I always loved it. I can't explain why but it remembers me a little of the place where i grow up. Everything was shining where i grow up and had a little tendence of green, of a fresh green. What i can say is that i am totally in love with the green color. I wear green clothes, right now my wallpaper is with the green color. I love blue too, but not much as green. I would give the blue the second place. I think there are a lot of people which love the green color and all i can say is that i agree them and their idea. I would like everything in this world would be in green i wouldn't have any problem. Like a conclusion i can say is that i love this color and i would give almoast everything to see it as often as i can.
@guesswhomsa (1171)
• India
21 Dec 06
mine is black by the way this discussion has already been posted since you are new please see to it that you dont double post and read the rules of mylot carefully
@jurekz (361)
• Indonesia
21 Dec 06
The colour of my pity was Blue and Black.. Because of the Blue and Black colour.. Be the same as my life.. Sometimes beautiful sometimes bad
• United States
28 Nov 06
i like dark colors especially black
@ladyheart25 (1816)
• Philippines
28 Nov 06
i really love dark colors such as dark blue and black. but now im beginning to like skyblue and light pink, for a change!
• Pakistan
28 Nov 06
My favourite color is red. Red Is Like Blood and I like Hot Blood.
• United States
28 Nov 06
i like black, blue, red...i have a lot of favorite colors