problems are the Sign of life

@fasihpti (366)
May 7, 2018 2:39am CST
if you feel problem,it is definitely shows that your life is running, but some flaws are enter in your life, now to what extent this is, evaluate this and find a clear solutions.
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@mlgen1037 (29602)
• Manila, Philippines
7 May
No problems, you will never learn or be stronger. You need those to add meaning to life.
• Hangzhou, China
7 May
i will take it cool and never think about it for a while,i love the spirit of ostriches.they don't evaluate the problem right now.they choose to cool it off,when the problem became the history of our life,we will find a better way to solve it. just like something we couldn't figure out when we were child,but if you wanted to solve it by will go crazy in the meditation.because when you were a child,you're unable to solve the difficult need to cool down and ask for the help of adults. once i was a rapid person who want to solve everything complicated and try to be perfectionist.but it's too tired and impossible to do now i converted into Zen and take it easy when the problem comes into my life.i believe everything has its own way.we just let it run in the natural way and try to find something excellent in the flaws,the world will be one is perfect,nothing is purest. just like the sky has damp rain,in our life,we will go through many bad things,do not to resist the happen of bad things,but try to accept it in a harmonious way.then problem will be nothing and everything will be nice.the time will solve every bad experience
@dodoazo (22064)
• Philippines
7 May
Problems are not the sign of life. They're part and parcel of life. They're trials and challenges that when they're overcome your life would easy and smooth sailing. They add meaning to your life.
@caopaopao (12626)
• China
7 May
Yes, as people, we have to keep facing all kinds of problems. If there is a problem, we can only face it and solve it. This is life.
@Jessabuma (33127)
• Baguio, Philippines
7 May
Yes I agree with you.. problems are part of life..
• India
7 May
I agree, problem is a part of life and it do come and go. The only thing required is keeping calm and makitwise decisions