Capitalism, Communism and Predictions

Karl Marx
Austin, Texas
May 7, 2018 9:38am CST
Haven't read this QZ article fully yet. But the title is enough to give me pause. “Capitalism is unfolding exactly as Karl Marx predicted”. OK Mr. Marx. We know that you didn't like capitalism. But the real question is: Did Communism unfold the way you predicted? It's a shame you're not here to answer US. (Just me. Thinking out loud. Typical Monday morning blahs. () No doubt this is a conversation everybody is anxious to dive into. After about 10 cups of coffee. I'm only on my first. )
200 years since the philosopher’s birth, Marx's analysis and foresights have repeatedly proven true: We are, inescapably, living in the world he predicted.
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@allen0187 (34380)
• Philippines
8 May
It is ironic that for the upkeep of Karl Marx's graveyard, they need to charge people some sort of entrance fee to see it.
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• Austin, Texas
12 May
I did not know that and it is ironic.
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@iridion9 (11251)
• Philippines
7 May
okay good predictions
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@topffer (37145)
• France
7 May
Happy Birthday to Karl. There is a big difference between what wrote Marx and the way it was applied in some countries invoking his name and writings. The article is interesting, and they could have found more points showing that Marx was not wrong in his analysis of capitalism, like corporate and money concentration. And your question is not stupid : it is not obvious to tell what will unfold next, but we are going through major economical changes already perceivable.
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