religious service is painful

@suripunj (966)
New Delhi, India
May 11, 2018 4:10pm CST
Last weekend i was on religious trip to a mountain where temple of Hindu goddess was located.To reach the temple we(me and my wife) had to trudge 10 miles on mountain. it was very arduous and therefore often in the way i secretly hated the idea of coming there , rather thinking better i were in my home drinking beer and enjoying my favorite tv show. It happens often with me during prayer also ,i think what i should not. In fasting i feel much hungry. Did it also ever occur to you that instead of wasting energy in divinity better you had indulged in luxury?
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@mandala100 (53680)
• Hong Kong
11 May
@suripunj Well, different persons thinks differently when it comes to religious question my friend.
@suripunj (966)
• New Delhi, India
12 May
Very true
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@mandala100 (53680)
• Hong Kong
13 May
@suripunj That's right my friend.