I wish Businesses Would Quit Trying To Appeal To My Emotions!

May 11, 2018 7:25pm CST
Am I the only one who gets irritated by all the e-mail ads for "Mother's Day?" For what it's worh, I get just as annoyed with Father's Day, Christmas, Easter, Valentine's Day, etc. I am not upset because I don't celebrate these holidays, I'm upset by the presumptiveness of the advertizers. Frankly when it comes to mother's day and father's day, I ahve a very complicated opinion, due to the different types of relationships I have with each parent and step-parent. I choose to celebrate them in other ways, and they undersetand this. As for Easter and Christmas, same goes. I live nowhere near my family. I still live in my hometown, and thery have all chosen to branch out. This does not sadden or upset me, because we are in constant communcation. What bothers me is the ASSUMPTION that we ALL follow the same traditions. -- Here's a thought! How many Jehovah's Witnesses get turned off by these e-mails? The JW's do not observe such holidays, as it is against their religion. What about my friends who have lost their parents? One just lost her mother this month, and I bet all these Mother's Day e-mails are driving her crazy! Sure she has children and grandchildren, but no longer has a mother on earth, so it's still going to hurt! -- As if the e-mails aren't enough, last year I called my cable company because I have a problem with the hookup, and the guy ended the conversation with "Happy Mother's Day." Um, what? Because I have a uterus, (or have a female voice that makes people assume I have a uterus), it's automatically "Happy Mother's Day?" Being nice is one hing. I only wish people wouldn't be so presumptive. i wish businesses would stick to business, and quit trying to appeal to us on a personal level. -- What do you think? --
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@db20747 (9433)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
12 May
Think U have been drinking too much Red Bull!!! Even if U R not a mother, U still have a mother!!!! So have a happy mother's day!!!!!
• Canada
12 May
LOL. Not everybody has a mother who is alive. and that guy on the phone had no way of knowing that I had one. What if they said the same to my friend who just lost her mother last week? What if he said it to my I fertile friend who has no relationship with her mother, and can’t have children herself? I’m not going g to discuss my family dynamic with ththe guy from the phone company.