When you are the only oddity in your family

Cote D'Ivoire (Ivory Coast)
May 14, 2018 11:11am CST
So i grew up in West Africa, Cote d'ivoirre, still living there, and have a typical family. But i'm the only one who speak english better and is more opened to international cultures like Asia and their music. People around me says that i should stop dream because what i like is not reality because of where i come from
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@id_peace (8716)
• Singapore
15 May
Welcome. I never fit in as a block in my family as well but it is a good thing
@wongchoiyee (7458)
• Malaysia
14 May
Hello. Welcome to mylot.
@AKRao24 (21999)
• India
14 May
They are sying absolutely wrong...if you have caliber, talent, skill and self confidence then this World is your play ground and ni body can stop you! One of my best friends who did his education from so called as mediocre institutes till his schooling in India. He is an Engineer and holds a Key post in US in one of the most reputed Company dealing in Cold drinks! So nothing can stop you if have thae talents and strong will power to achieve! You are too young also...this is the time to fight out the World to establish your self dear friend! God bless!
• United States
14 May
I think it's great, I worked at a store once, I spoke a little Spanish, weren't very many Spanish here at that time, so my boss gave me a raise, because I could communicate with them. It was a lot of fun. I learned because I was from California.
@Daelii (6489)
• United States
14 May
I'm sorry people are not supportive there. I love how the internet can bring people from all over the world together. I feel the more we learn about everyone else maybe the more we will care about each other too!
@maximax8 (29148)
• United Kingdom
14 May
Hello. I wish you a warm and happy welcome to My Lot. I hope that you will enjoy yourself on My Lot. It is excellent that you speak much better in English than any of your family. It is amazing that My Lot has members from lots of different countries and we all write in English. I had a globe when I was a young child and I said I was going to travel everywhere when I am older. My wish to do that came true. I didn't have much money so at first I was able to travel to nearby countries. I was able to work for a family in Finland and the wages there let me travel around Europe.
@Peach10 (1974)
14 May
You go girl! English is an international language and if you are good at it you can go places without any hesitation coz you can express yourself
@MALUSE (47237)
• Uzbekistan
14 May
Welcome to myLot. Enjoy the site! The first step for all newbies is to read the Guidelines to learn what is allowed or not on the site. Then you can write a post introducing yourself. Tell us a bit about yourself. Furthermore, read around as much as you can, Like and Comment on other members' posts. Only then will members come to your site and do the same. This is called interaction. Don't expect too much money-wise. If you reach $5 a month (the payout limit), you can call yourself lucky. ------ Why do other people care if you dream or not? You don't hurt anybody, so I don't know why you should do what other people tell you. It's possible that they're just envious of you.
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@Teekaaa (6485)
• India
14 May
Hello and welcome to mylot! Enjoy your stay here! Happy mylotting!.
@Jessabuma (33101)
• Baguio, Philippines
14 May
Hello and welcome to myLot.. Enjoy your time here. Don't listen to other people's discouragement.. don't stop dreaming.. Good luck!