What's The Scariest Dream You've Ever Had?

United States
May 15, 2018 7:48am CST
I never remember my dreams more than a couple hours after getting up, except for when it really frightens me. A dream I remember so vividly was so bad, I had to talk to a therapist about it. I had it about a year ago. I was babysitting a small boy, about 3 or 4 years old, and he was really getting on my nerves, continuously screaming. When bedtime came for him, I picked him up and played some music. He really liked the song and began to calm down. When he did, I snapped his neck back. Now, as a nightmare that doesn't seem TOO bad, but my dreams are weird. My dreams look like movies. Like I'm watching them happen from afar, and they tend to be animated, but this dream was very vivid. I could hear it, feel the boys warmth, see what I just did. I woke up sweating and just a hysterical mess. I had to do a sleep study at a hospital because my mom was really worried about me. What's the scariest dream you've had?
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@deba12 (3079)
• India
15 May
Once I dreamt that I am surrounding with a lot of ghosts and I wasn't able to escape it. That was the scariest dream for me.