Got 2 teeth pulled

@carebear29 (28369)
Wausau, Wisconsin
May 17, 2018 1:26pm CST
I got 2 teeth pulled Tuesday morning and I am still hurting since. Mainly where the wisdom tooth was. They pulled my left side molar and my wisdom tooth and I was only there to get the molar pulled because it was causing me problems. When I got there the dentist was like we are pulling your wisdom tooth, too so we can get it done and over with. Now I just have my right side wisdom tooth left to pull then the fillings appointment and I am done for now. I hope to heal fast. Still hurts to eat yet or anything and icing it hasn't been helping after the 24 hours. Still a little swollen but I am making due.
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@Tina30219 (32717)
• Onaway, Michigan
17 May
It will take time it will go down. Better to get them pulled all at once and not wait.
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@carebear29 (28369)
• Wausau, Wisconsin
17 May
yeah i know. thanks
@Tina30219 (32717)
• Onaway, Michigan
17 May
@carebear29 Your welcome
@just4him (109635)
• Green Bay, Wisconsin
17 May
I hope it heals fast.
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@jstory07 (65332)
• Roseburg, Oregon
I hope you recover fast.
@sw8sincere (2627)
• Philippines
19 May
2 teeth being pulled is kinda painful. I know cuz I have experienced the same. I hope your gums will feel better soon. Take care.
@Courtlynn (66305)
• United States
18 May
ouch! hope that pain and swelling goes down soon.
@caopaopao (5037)
• China
18 May
Toothache is not a very serious disease, but the pain is unbearable. I can understand you. Gargle with salt water may help you.
@wolfgirl569 (2378)
• Marion, Ohio
18 May
I hope it feels better soon. My wisdom teeth did not hurt too much when I got them out.
@dodo19 (31917)
• Beaconsfield, Quebec
17 May
That is definitely not fun. I hope the pain goes away.
@JohnRoberts (51911)
• Los Angeles, California
17 May
Ugh! I can feel your pain.
@AKRao24 (12950)
• India
17 May
Don't worry dear friend, it will be settled with the time! Nature has its own course of healing despite taking the medicines! all the best! Take care!