The 1977 Cruise First Landfall Visby Gosport Sweden

Preston, England
May 21, 2018 5:02pm CST
We reached our first of five ports of call quite early on. Gosport is a popular resort island off the coast of Sweden. The ship anchored out in the bay. I remember little of the Island itself other than how warm it was. We reached it by small-motorised boats that ferried us in clusters from the bay. I remember setting my foot on the shore and trying to think about how profound it was to be touching foreign soil for the first time in my life. I wanted to think of something profound to mark the occasion, but my friends were keen to push by me to get ashore and that rather spoilt the experience for me. We had about three hours to explore on our own before we were due back on the ship. With three of my friends, I walked around the coastline, with no set plans about what to do. A tall buxom blonde Swedish girl who was wearing no bra under a totally transparent blouse suddenly joined us. She chomped an apple as she walked with us, chattering away, apparently reciting facts about the island, Swedish history, etc. I took in nothing but the near nudity and sheer Goddess like beauty of her appearance. My friends later told me that I was practically drooling, but so were they. She chatted with us through the whole of our walk, and so I remembered nothing that she actually pointed out to us. I thought she might expect a tip for her services to tourism, but she didn’t ask for anything. With a friendly wave, she vanished into the sunlight and we went to get our boat ride back to the ship. I was told later that I spent the next two hours with my then 15 year old lower jaw almost in my lap. I should have been writing in my journal all about Sweden, but my journal was at the bottom of the North Sea, (as I had decided not to do the classoom asignments) and anything I might have penned then would have been pornographic. I retired to my quiet deck zone and watched Sweden vanish over the horizon, before going for the evening meal, followed by the disco, and the inevitable Rod Stewart finale as the disco closed for the night. Youtube – Rod Stewart – Sailing Arthur Chappell
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@maximax8 (28558)
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26 May
That must have been a really exciting cruise in Sweden. I am sure you have happy memories of the Swedish beauty that gave you an excellent tour. In 2014 we had a day in London to enjoy the sights before to took a plane to Stockholm. There we stayed in a private room overlooking the waters edge. We took a huge ferry over to Helsinki where we boarded St Peter Ferry Line for our trip without a visa to St Petersburg.
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• Preston, England
26 May
@maximax8 I always enjoy my visits to London