An Atheistic Bible Study Of The Gospels The Dead Son At Nain

Photo taken by me - Church interior
Preston, England
May 29, 2018 8:32am CST
A miracle described exclusively in Luke 7:11-17. Jesus, travelling on foot through the Judean town of Nain, with a group of his disciples, reaches the city gates when he sees a funeral in progress. A coffin is being carried before a large crowd, and Jesus learns that the dead man is the young son of a widow. Jesus tells her she need not weep and approaches the unsealed wooden coffin, which he touches as he tells the dead man to arise. The dead man gets up and tarts talking. Exactly what he says is not recorded. He is introduced to his mother again as the amazed onlookers become fearful, and refer to Jesus as a great prophet. Word of the miracle inevitably spreads through Judea. So, what has happened? Jesus appears to have actually created a zombie. He has brought omeone back from the dead. It could be faked, with a perfectly living young man lying in the coffin, but more likely the rumours of the event carried in the region without the actual miracle happening at all. Arthur Chappell
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