How to be a GREAT KISSER....!

November 28, 2006 12:31am CST
There is no better way to end a great date than with a passionate kiss.If you are able to give your partner the perfect kiss,he/she wont be able to forget the date for a long time.Make sure you plant your partner with an unforgettable one that will leave him/her waiting more. CREATE THE PERFECT AMBIENCE: If indoors,set the mood with dim lighting or,even better,use candle light.If you are the outdoors type,there is nothing better than watching the stars together. MANIPULATE: Gently caress their ears with your fingertips as you are kissing.This will show your affection for your partner.You can even try tilting their head to a comfortable positin this way. SWEET NOTHINGS: Just becasue you're planning for the perfect kiss does not mean you have to be silent.Compliment your partner or tease him/her a little.It will liven up the moment. DON'T REMAIN STILL LIKE A STATUE: Use your hands to hold your partner wither by their waist or by their shoulders,whichever is more comfortable. AVOID BAD BREATH: One easy tip is to eat an apple before meeting your lover for the big date.Another more practical optionis carrying peppermints so that you can keep your mouth smelling fresh throughout. DON'T BE TIMID OR SHY: Let go of all your inhibitions and open your mouth while kissing.This will show your partner how passsionate you are about him. THE FRENCH KISSING[Also calles as tongue kiss/soul kiss]: For most,it is their favourite style of kissing.Make the moment more magical by using your tongue.Play around with your partner and rock the moment. TRY LIP-O-SUCTION: Take turns with your partner,alternating between kissing the lower and upper lip.Don't hesitate to try out new styles of kissing of your own. CHANGE YOUR KISSING STYLE: Surprise your partner a little by changing the tempo and movement.Alternatively,you could try eating a piece of chocolate and then kissing your partner-he/she will love the taste,for sure.
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