Murder Most Foul

@RasmaSandra (19752)
Daytona Beach, Florida
June 4, 2018 1:58am CST
The capital of Latvia, Riga usually is a city that has few murders. When murders do occur it is usually the result of two or more drunken people attacking each other but of course there is some mention of what happened but it does not make the top news. Last week on Wednesday morning I horrific murder did occur. First, let me explain that we do have our share of “mafia” groups and along with them come hit men. The victim, in this case, was a young middle-aged man. He had a well-paying job as a legal person who presses other people to pay up their debts. Obviously, someone did not want to cough up the money owed. On Wednesday morning the man was driving his 4-wheel past a cemetery. Right? Are you thinking my way? What a place to get murdered right by a cemetery just get up and walk in. Alright, yes, a murder is no joking matter and it was done so perfectly. The shooter shot several times but the death bullet went right through the windshield and the man must have been dead on the spot. His car hit a signpost and crashed into a tree. The police are doing a major investigation. So when a murder does happen in Riga if it is something like this it makes all the papers and the curious want to know every detail. Usually, by the cemeteries all over the city and in the suburbs elderly ladies make money by selling flowers just outside the gates for visitors. The ladies who were there said they heard what sounded like shots but were not sure what was happening at first and they are lucky none of them got hit.
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@JohnRoberts (63085)
• Los Angeles, California
4 Jun
Murders are obviously common here.
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@lady1993 (20065)
• Philippines
4 Jun
that is a scary one. In our country this thing happens a lot though, so i guess people aren't very shocked. I sure hope the murderers are caught soon - that poor man was just doing his job
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