Can You Stay In A Joyful Place No Matter What The Circumstance?

June 11, 2018 3:57pm CST
When everything is going wrong in your life can you still be a joyful person? When the bills are due and the money is short. When your spouse has rocked your last nerve. Your boss acts like your sole purpose on earth is to be at his/her beck and call. Even the dog is looking at you like where is my food? Can you still put a smile on your face and stay in a joyful place? I realize that everything might not be perfect in my life. But I will be happy regardless. I will continue to thank God for the joy that he has blessed me with. I like me! I believe in myself. I will not allow myself to be sad. I refuse to surround myself with people who always are sad or have a negative attitude about something. Drama Queens and Drama Kings are so far off my radar. I heard Pastor Creflo Dollar say, if you continue to hang around the wrong people they will age you. "That is not a good look"!!. Working in home health for a number of years. Still doing private duty from time to time. I have learned that when there is dis-easement in one's life it can bring on a physical disease which makes one sick. You heard the saying laughter is the best medicine. It's true. God gave us all the ability to make our own choices in life. We can choose to be sad or we can focus on what the good book says. The joy of the Lord is my strength. My mindset is. I will not allow temporary uncomfortable circumstances or negative people steal my joy. I am into bringing joy into peoples lives no matter what I might be going through. I will continue to stay in a joyful place no matter what the circumstance. How about you?
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@Courtlynn (55260)
• United States
11 Jun
Nope, can't say I can. As I've been through things that make it hard to be happy all the time. But that doesn't mean I don't try, or want to be.
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@db20747 (10427)
• Washington, District Of Columbia
11 Jun
Yes, I've stayed joyful through all these problems including extended joblessness!!! I'm still hopeful!!!
@Starmaiden (7636)
• Canada
11 Jun
I am striving for joy in my life. I have reached a place of peace, calm and security within. I can hold those vibrations very well even during times of stress. I do practice gratitude and keeping a smile on my face every day. I practice kindness, forgiveness and compassion to others as well as to myself. One step at a time. I know I will make it.
@saritflor (4124)
• Israel
11 Jun
Even when we are passing hard times, I believe it is possible to find out little moments of joy, and it's important to know how to change mood, and trying to be happy, everyone deserve to be happy.
@mandala100 (52558)
• Hong Kong
11 Jun
Every thing begins within one's heart and mind my friend regardless of the places and circumstances.