ARCHIVO 253: Another Found-Footage Flick

@freak369 (4989)
United States
June 14, 2018 11:44pm CST
I started watching this thinking that it was a completely different movie. I wasn't completely let down with this movie but it lacked a lot of the gore that I was expecting from it. It's your typical “found footage” film with black and white shots, shaky handheld cameras and it starts out with interviews with people who'd experienced evil happenings at the place where the group was planning to visit. The twist here is that it is happening right outside Mexico City with a small group of young adults. They want to prove or debunk the rumors surrounding the San Rafael Clinic that mysteriously shut down in 2009. As strange as it sounds, the images shown before the group enter the clinic [whilst they are interviewing former patients and employees] are harsher that what you see in the actual 'found footage'. They all enter with different feeling ranging from paranoia to over-confidence but they are all shook from their mortal coils when one by one they start disappearing – seemingly swallowed up by the building. Even though I promised myself I wouldn't say it, it just wouldn't be right to add that this has a Blair Witch Project feel to it – right down to the ending. Whether this was created to pay homage to the original Blair Witch or the producers went for a true amateur, gritty format if you have see the first in the BW saga I can almost guarantee that you will come away from it feeling the same way about it.
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@JustBhem (43016)
• Davao, Philippines
15 Jun
Is this a documentary?
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@lady1993 (20094)
• Philippines
15 Jun
this plot sounds so familiar, i think i may have seen some clips of it i'm not really a fan of found footage, but i did like Cloverfield
@Shavkat (65268)
• Philippines
15 Jun
It looks like the man is locked into an asylum.