June 19, 2018 12:51pm CST
Cant we have the beautiful and pleasant normal life of a human. Today the world is shaken up with the idea who is going to be the most richest forget the normal man. He has to run from pillar to post to live a normal life. Just analyzing the whole thing, everything comes from the natural resources which Almighty has blessed around the Globe. The food, clothing, all other necessities does not have to bought from another universe then why is the index of living rising every second. I am sure every person who has been made the head of their country could solve this problem in 1 minute if they care for the common man. Hope we will be blessed with such powerful and humble Heads of each country around the world, so that we can enjoy caring and loving neighbors, pleasant passersby, all the beautiful things we do to our human the past.
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@dodoazo (21300)
• Philippines
20 Jun
This is a good and valid wish what the country should from the head of their country.