Banking jobs

@Mrgana1 (345)
June 25, 2018 12:48am CST
This job seems to be more tedious considering the time spent daily to work, they pay very well but the job has no security as they could be retrenched or sack any time. How is banking job in your country?
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@Starmaiden (7642)
• Canada
25 Jun
Banking jobs? What banking jobs? The banks in my country are removing the tellers from the bank and placing them in call/contact centers. People are being forced to do their banking online, through an ATM or over the phone. It is rare that you can walk into a bank and find a teller anywhere.
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@mlgen1037 (29626)
• Manila, Philippines
25 Jun
Banking jobs in our country do not pay well but the benefits are good.
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@mandala100 (50408)
• Hong Kong
25 Jun
Or the bank where you are working might get rob my friend.
@Icydoll (24600)
• India
25 Jun
It's very secured job and high paying in our country.
@Jessabuma (33192)
• Baguio, Philippines
25 Jun
I think banking jobs here in our country don't pay well..
@sw8sincere (5113)
• Philippines
25 Jun
banking jobs in my country doesn't have a higher pay. Office jobs are better when it comes to salary.
• India
25 Jun
Banking jobs are considered most secure job in my country ..