I was scolded

@peachpurple (12772)
June 30, 2018 5:20pm CST
As you might not know, I am currently working full time ( offline) in a company as a packer. As a new employee, there are lots of things that I do not know and many stuff that other colleagues would not inform me. I was scolded by my supervisor because I had not updated the stock in and out which I didn't know that I have to put in remarks for goods exchanged. Therefore, the stock status will have a difference during stock taking. Nobody told me this including him. He said he was too busy when I came in, but still, it is my mistake for not stating the remarks. In addition, I couldn't remember how many items had been exchanged for the past week. The only thing I could say is "SORRY". What else can I do? DO you answer back when your supervisor/manager/boss scolded you?
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@LadyDuck (183478)
• Switzerland
1 Jul
The best is not to answer back, they would not appreciate and you obtain nothing.
@JustBhem (44721)
• Davao, Philippines
1 Jul
Yes, I do. I need to defend myself because no one would. And besides if it's my mistakes I won't talk back if it's not my mistake, I will talk back.
@rakski (23594)
• Philippines
1 Jul
I do not answer back but it is not your fault. They should inform you of all the things needed to do. It is expected for them to do that.
@caopaopao (12641)
• China
1 Jul
They should tell you what to do. I think it's their fault.
@cintol (8338)
• United States
1 Jul
Seems to me that you should have been trained a little bit better and it should have been a warning not a scolding, he could have understood that you hadn't been trained well and you were new. All you can do is say your sorry and not let it happen again now that you know
@Freelanzer (9497)
• Canada
30 Jun
I have always answered back when I worked outside the home but I did it respectfully. One thing I have learned is that even a boss has a boss.
@dya80dya (6636)
• Romania
30 Jun
I wouldn't dare to answer back.