The Harder Thing To Do

Redlands, California
July 2, 2018 4:14pm CST
Many ways you can combat something. I imagine this is the approach most people like the most. Keeps most people with differing viewpoints on the same page without how society behaves most of the time today. That being at each others throats. Some of us find this approach hard though because does not directly address the problem, but could if most implemented this into their life in someway. As a musician however, do not really want everyone going with this approach, unless you are the one that started it. Otherwise all the music starts to sound all the same. While most of punk continues to call out society and the dumb mistakes we keep making over and over again. This band with the help of some punk legends decides to get back to the basics of what punk did for them and how it made them feel when they first discovered the music. You know like that first day of highschool when most laughed at you or were disgusted that you tried to talk to them and it embarrassed them in front of all the cool kids. Then that tiny little group over there in the corner doing bad things listening to sinister loud music making teachers and adults hating them too call you over. Screw them little homie, we have your back. Or maybe that was just me because me's be a true outcast. Till the day I die. Off of "Fight the Good Fight" -The Interrupters Featuring Rancid. 4 different singers in 2 minutes and 41 seconds. I think that is some kind of record in that little amount of time.
Listen to the full album: "Got Each Other" (feat. Rancid) by The Interrupters from 'Fight the Good Fight,' available now • Order at htt...
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@amadeo (73426)
• United States
2 Jul
I guess missed all of this.Never had a fight or bully.They did not know I existed
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• Redlands, California
2 Jul
I never did either well elementary one time, but in Highschool was, just ignored. also They say why most cops and politicians are jerks. Get back at people. See all they had to do was get into punk scene and would have been less miserable.