what u prefer ice cream or choclate ?

November 28, 2006 3:00am CST
prefer ice cream or choclate
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• Malaysia
16 Dec 06
I prefer ice cream. I love ice cream very much and my favourite flavour is vanila, chocolate, mango and many more. Ice cream really taste good especially the vanila ice cream. unfortunately, I limit myself to eat only once a week. What a bad luck that ice cream contain very high calories and can make me fat easily. Now I am heavier than my boy friend already and I can not imagine what will happen if I eat ice cream everyday.
@jarral (278)
• Spain
29 Nov 06
i love both of them
• India
29 Nov 06
i prefer chocolate ice cream...so tht includes both...
@victor78 (1081)
• Malaysia
28 Nov 06
I like both. So I want chocolate ice cream. haha. Ice cream….. It is a really amazing word for me. When I fell sad, I will become happy after eating ice cream especially chocolate ice cream mixed with vanilla. Hot weather I like to eat and something happen in cold weather. Life will be very boring without ice cream and I can not leave without ice cream. Luckily I born I this generation with ice cream.
@hinaomar (1426)
• Pakistan
28 Nov 06
icecream - like it
i like both of them so i want to have both.give me both;)
@netty79 (992)
• Indonesia
28 Nov 06
i prefer ice cream
@raj0019 (2627)
• Argentina
28 Nov 06
I would prefer Ice-cream