Who loves building fires?

September 10, 2006 5:31pm CST
I've just moved into an apartment with a fireplace and I am really enjoying building fires - especially experimenting with scented logs (putting a couple of drops of essential oil on a log and letting it dry out on the hearth a few days before I burn it) and "fireplace potpourri." (dried orange peels sprinkled with cinnamon and pine cones). Does anyone else around here enjoy making "aromatherapy fires"? Do any of you have tips for building a good, long-burning fire?
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@AskAlly (3627)
• Canada
8 Jan 07
We are just a bunch of crazy hicks from west of the 5th meridian Fires are great but the bigger the better and that is done bonfire style. The best part is throwing on pine boughs and watching the sparks fly. The air around smells like pine. In the house we are alot more subdued in our fire building. As far as fire place and having a fire burn for a looong period of time, I'm not so sure. If you close the flue alittle I think the fire will last longer. We use wood stoves to heat our house because they are more efficient and it is my experience that they burn much longer. It sure keeps the heat bill down.
• India
15 Dec 06
i dont love building fire .
• United States
7 Oct 06
I never thought of that, I will have to tell my in-laws of that trick for next time the build a fire to scent the house. So you put the oil on the wood and let it dry, then burn it? Essential oils are so fun.
25 Sep 06
I've never actually thought of doing anything like that before, I bet your house smels really nice!