September 10, 2006 7:36pm CST
why hinduism survived despite agression by other relegions like Bhuddism,Islam and Christianity.
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• India
15 Dec 06
no i dont think so.
@vimal2k6 (391)
• India
2 Oct 06
i dont know really....
@borg_queen (2535)
• Philippines
1 Oct 06
Just like why Islam and Christianity survived each other. They were both hostile to one another. They still are at some point.
@ssh123 (31100)
• India
29 Sep 06
It is based on experiments in living for over 5000 years or so (excluding the mythological period) and every great persons opinions are incorporated in dos and don'ts to lead a happy life. Unfortunately Indians themselves have not fully understood the gist of the Hinduism. In fact millions of westerners and people from other parts of the world have a high regard to Hinduism so much to envy of other religions. The basic foundation of Hindu religion is TOLERANCE. This has stood the test of the time because it has solid foundation and people have tremendous faith in it.There is nothing one can contribute to it, but only one can take a leaf or two to live in this world.
@shi_2000_21 (2681)
• India
29 Sep 06
Because hinduism has a concept of "Vasudeva Kutumabakam" that means All universe is one big family. We are the most tolerant religion of this universe. That's why we have survived the onslaught of many religion.
@logitech (22)
• India
17 Sep 06
I can attribute only one reason: Hindusim tolerated every other religion. It never felt threatened by other relions.
@i_agree_but (1185)
• United Arab Emirates
16 Sep 06
The question itself is wrong. The hindu releigion always will survive becz of its unique beleifs and population. But the agression by other relegions have defenitely made inroads using the minus points of that relegion. The detailed answer will hurt you, but it looks ackward to other relegions in many sense. Number of gods, castes, classes, untouchability, widow rights, women property rights,....many many..
• Australia
16 Sep 06
hinduism survived because it is unique to a people, just as judaism survived, but not neither actually made it across the cultural divide as Christianity did