equallity of boys and girls

September 11, 2006 12:10am CST
in india peope keep difference in boys and girls.they should not do this .people abort their girls,this is very bad.why they do that
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• India
16 Dec 06
yes india's people should not do this . girl and boy are equal .
@cyrux004 (949)
• India
11 Sep 06
Here, in india we have been trying to resolve the issue of non-qualities between gender, but there is one thing you should keep in mind that the rights of men and women are equal but not identical. A man is physically stronger and hence he can carry out tasks which require phsyical strength A women on the other side is more patinet , so she can execute taskts that require patience and perfection Regarding abondoning girls, why do you want to find out the reason of why they do that, insteat get up and raise your voice. If you feel whats been happening in your life is wrong get up and raise your voice against people who are doing this. Infact you can also form a group of people who think similarly and protest against this. If you take an intiative now you will bear the resutls , sooner or later