Kindly check the pills on your medicine cabinet before and make sure you are taking the right pill.

Calgary, Alberta
October 19, 2018 8:32am CST
I was checking all the pills on my medicine cabinet and I realized some of my medicines looks similar and can be mixed up. Imagine if you want to take some mucolytic pill for your cough but that pill looks similar your diarrhea treatment pill. Just imagine that nightmare scenario. I decided to organize my medicines and pills to make sure I will not confuse them because I do not want to take the wrong treatment for the current ailment. The guy in the screencap above was nervous about his job interview so he decided to take some anxiety pills to feel calmer. Well little did he know he confused the anxiety pills with Viagra so... Imagine what happened on the job interview. That one is funny but if you thinking about it, taking the wrong pill might put your health in danger, so make sure to organize your medicine cabinet and try to make sure you wont confuse the pills that looks similar.
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• Croatia (Hrvatska)
19 Oct
Keeps your eyes wide open as well would be a message
• Calgary, Alberta
19 Oct
yeah read labels, check the color of the pill and the color of the label too to make sure you are taking the right thing
@Hannihar (49479)
30 Nov
@CaptAlbertWhisker I have my medication I take in plain site so I know what to take and when.