December 26, 2018 6:40am CST
I love anime so much one piece, naruto, dragon ball and a lot of Japanese anime it's fantastic. Some people tell me it's for children but I laugh and tell them it's ok I'm a child. So if anyone knows good and epic anime tell me, please.
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• Malaysia
3 Jan
Hello. Welcome to Mylot. I am a childen too . Your lists suggested that you watched shounen-theme. Have you watch Sword Art Online? Attack on Titan and Tokyo Ghouls are good too.
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• Indonesia
23 Jan
I think anime is not for children. The plot will not make sense for them. Anime like Code Geass will not be too interesting for children. So try Code Geasa for once. It was one of the most great anime that I know.
@Juilee (635)
• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
27 Dec
Attack On Titan. It is epic. If you don't mind the less well known anime, I can recommend you Ghost Hunt and Baccano! If you like the typical shounen battle anime, I would recommend Law of Ueki.
@MALUSE (49719)
• Germany
26 Dec
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