alternative to deep freeze

@wilkingh (354)
United States
November 28, 2006 1:36pm CST
does anyone no an alternative to deep freeze? and not clean slate
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• India
7 Feb 09
As far I know, There is no best alternative for Deep Freeze.. Except Deep Freeze, The other two programs used to restore public computers back to their original setting sare Clean Slate and Microsoft Shared Computer Toolkit. While it is pricier than Deep Freeze, one advantage of Clean Slate is that a logoff/logon is all you need to restore the original settings, whereas DeepFreeze requires a reboot. As for Microsoft's version, quite a few people have reported it as having a steep learning curve and not as intuitive as Deep Freeze
• Canada
24 Sep 10
A couple of other good solutions would be centurion and Drive Vaccine. I like Drive Vaccine because it is robust as Deep Freeze yet is easier to work with scheduled Windows update and Anti-virus dat files.
• India
14 Feb 11
Probably Rollback Rx is what you're looking for. Combined with Drive Vaccine will work better that Deep Freeze
• Indonesia
24 Dec 10
you can use shadow defender, it is more flexible than deep freeze, because it is not required to restart. hope it help.